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Packaging enterprise ERP system model analysis and implementation Three

1 decide to upgrade China Mongolia relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership 1.1.3 production module analysis

the above has mentioned some responsibilities of the production department. Under the condition of market economy, packaging enterprises should produce according to market demand. Production exists between purchase, sales and inventory. What flows around production is logistics

the function of the production department is not only limited to organizing production, but also has other functions. The primary task of the production management department of packaging enterprises is to formulate production processes, produce products and put products into storage. What kind of products and quantities to produce should be based on the production plan of the sales department. When the production department needs logistics, it should formulate a purchase plan from the purchasing department, and then pick it up by the warehouse. The relationship between the production department and each department is shown in Figure 6

1.1.4 analysis of inventory module

the inventory Department of packaging enterprises is a passive and unauthorized department, which has a relationship with procurement, sales, production departments, vendors and customers. Materials and products are mainly stored in the warehouse. The relationship between the inventory department and other departments can be seen in the above introduction

1.1.5 customer and supplier module analysis

from the above module diagram, it can be seen that customers and suppliers belong to external users in the ERP system of packaging enterprises. As a supplier, you can log in this system to understand the purchase department's orders, contact, confirm and supply. Suppliers can be divided into different types and evaluation levels. Logging in this system as a customer user can understand the detailed information of the enterprise's products and services, and contact the sales department to order

1.1.6 analysis of financial module

ERP financial management of packaging enterprises reflects value flow, which runs through all links of supply chain management of packaging enterprises. The relationship between financial management modules has been shown in the above figure. Financial management is also responsible for the management of employee salary expenditure, fund cost, borrowing, reimbursement, daily income and expenditure and other functions

1.1.7 analysis of other modules

equipment management of packaging ERP system, mainly including basic information management of equipment, equipment introduction and purchase, and equipment depreciation. The introduction of equipment is carried out by the planning department. Personnel module management mainly includes personnel basic information management, personnel introduction, personnel training management, personnel promotion, personnel dismissal, and personnel salary payment standard management. The functions of these modules are detailed in references. The ERP system of packaging enterprises has a background management module to maintain the normal operation of the system, which mainly completes the configuration and maintenance of permissions, departments and users. This module is operated by the background administrator

2 implementation of ERP system in packaging enterprises

all departments of packaging enterprises cooperate around the core management of supply chain, so that the logistics, information flow and capital flow inside and outside the enterprise can be coordinated, and resources can be optimized. The overall system composed of all streams is based on the environment of network, software and hardware. Its overall system can also be called virtual packaging enterprise

2.1 implementation technology and mode of the model

according to the above analysis, the ERP system of packaging enterprises belongs to a typical multi-purpose production network system, different products have different permissions and access content, and the network system can adopt B/S (Browser/server) mode. The software system can be developed by ASP, JavaScript, c++builder, Java applet technology and tools

an intranet is established within the enterprise, and there are stations (Internet) facing the outside of the enterprise in the same inch. Internal users can access their modules internally, and external customers and suppliers can access their modules externally, but they share a database, using SQL Server database. The specific implementation mode is shown in Figure 7

2, 2 system database design

the ERP system database of packaging enterprises reflects the integration of various modules. Some data between various modules is shared, and the relationship between various users is directly reflected in the relationship between various tables in the database. The database adopts SQL Server database, and the main tables are: department table (recording the information of each department), authority table (recording the information of user authority level), user table, supplier or customer table, purchase order table, warehousing order table, improving weather resistance, and increasing dimensional stability; After sales service information table, delivery order table, purchase plan table, product category table, production plan table, sales order table, equipment table, expense table, reimbursement information table, loan table, entry information table, income and payment information table, expenditure information table, detailed statement of payment installment and payment installment entry table

3 conclusion

this paper designs and implements the ERP system of packaging enterprises, analyzes in detail the various modules around the supply chain, introduces their functions, and realizes the functions of various management modules, the core of the supply chain. There is still a long way to go to apply ERP system to actual packaging enterprises. The above is only the embryonic form of ERP system of packaging enterprises

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