Analysis and forecast of Styrene Market in Asia an

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Analysis and forecast of Styrene Market in Asia and China

analysis and forecast of Styrene Market in Asia and China

August 26, 2002

this week was another week of active trading in the Asian styrene market, with prices rising steadily throughout the week. Market merchants seem to have this idea. The temporary "10 day" bull trend in Chinese Mainland may turn out to be longer until the end of August or the beginning of September. Indeed, SEBS in Chinese Mainland has the same elasticity, resilience, strength, toughness and weather resistance as traditional rubber. The price has been rising steadily since 4 weeks ago, from the low price of 5800 yuan per ton to the high point of

yuan per ton. In addition, these businesses were also frightened by the rise in prices in Chinese Mainland at a rapid growth rate. In order to solve the above problems, they also provided corresponding support for FOB South Korea prices. At the same time, the prices of PS and EPS, the main derivatives in China, have also risen steadily. This week, the price of PS is about RMB per ton. However, if the market order is not guaranteed, the price of EPS is about RMB per ton. The counter theorists seem to be quite right. They assume that Chinese distributors and consumers such as the larger PS and EPS manufacturers in the mainland buy styrene shipments at a price of US dollars per ton. This week, they continue to press (pull) to the position of F2, and the price is US dollars per ton of CFR China's main port or domestic price per ton. They will try their best to use the factors that promote the cost of benzene

ethylene raw materials to increase the prices of derivatives PS, EPS and ABS, Keep the bull price as expected

these rising price indexes are supposed to support rising prices until the end of August or the first half of September

in Chinese Mainland, China's domestic prices have not stopped rising since Monday, opening at

yuan per ton, and then steadily climbed to the high point of

yuan per ton, 7500 yuan per ton and closing price of

yuan per ton. In addition, it is reported that the main factor supporting the price in August is that traders and individual producers delayed buying

from the mainland, mainly the scheduled and spot shipments delivered in early August, so there was a sharp shortage of inventory in the first half of August. The table of other Chinese distributors shows that imports of styrene, derivatives PS, EPS and ABS have fallen sharply from May to July. With the inventory of each oil product at a very low level, Chinese consumers and distributors were forced to return to the spot market in August

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