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The third China International all print exhibition will be held at the New International Expo Center in Shanghai, China on November, 2008. In 2008, China will be the focus of world attention. The Olympic Games will bring development opportunities, new impetus and new development to China's economy and printing industry, and also become a rare business opportunity for domestic and foreign printing and equipment suppliers. With the theme of condensing printing power, the 2008 China International all printing exhibition will undertake the latest resources of the 2008 drupa Exhibition on the basis of the success of the previous two sessions, which can not be well held at any place. Its use industry range covers: scientific research institutes, commodity inspection and arbitration institutions, colleges and universities, and rubber, tires, plastics, wires and cables, shoemaking, leather, textiles, packaging, building materials, petrochemical Aviation and other industries introduce the latest technologies in the printing industry in recent years, and organize the exchange and discussion of the latest products and processes in the printing industry, so that everyone has the opportunity to explore the development of contemporary Chinese printing technology, and provide more professional services for exhibitors and visitors

The drupa event continues in China ―

drupa 2008, that is, the drupa international printing and paper exhibition will be held at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany from May 29 to June 11, 2008. Drupa exhibition is held every four years by Dusseldorf exhibition company in Germany. It is an internationally renowned printing exhibition. Drupa will not only predict the latest development trend of printing technology in the next four to five years, but also provide an ideal business negotiation platform for printing enterprises

at the same time, the printing market in China has great potential, and the demand of the printing market is growing at an average annual rate of 15%. Under such a potential market background, the third all print exhibition, as the extension of drupa, the world's largest printing exhibition, will become another major global printing event in 2008, and provide a platform for the global printing industry to display, exchange and trade, so as to further meet the needs of exhibitors and visitors, Let you grasp the huge market opportunities, realize trade matching and finally reach the order. Dusseldorf exhibition group and drupa, the international support units of all print exhibition, have been paying attention to the development of China's printing market and will continue to provide all-round strong support to all print exhibition

industry support

since the beginning of the preparatory work for the all print exhibition, the organizers of China International all print exhibition have adhered to the exhibition concept of serving exhibitors, visitors and the industry, and made every effort to cast and carry forward the advantages of the international exhibition brand. Its influence has affected more and more industry people and manufacturers, and has also received warm response and support from domestic and foreign printing industry associations, printing equipment suppliers and printing enterprises. Among them, Lianqiang group, Sichuan Juguang, Sino German group, Liaoning Guanhua, Huaguang Seiko, Shanghai Hongjing, etc. all participated in large-scale exhibitions. Beiren and Shanghai Yinbao have expressed their support and actively participated in the 2008 China International All India exhibition. International exhibitors such as Kodak, Heidelberg, Fuji starlight, Canon, Siemens, Agfa, etc. expressed their active support for all India exhibition. At the same time, government departments, some domestic steel industry associations, industry experts, overseas printing industry associations, well-known printing equipment suppliers at home and abroad, and well-known printing enterprises have sent congratulatory letters to express their support

five junior college areas make a wonderful appearance

in order to create a good display effect for exhibitors and meet the visiting needs of professional visitors, five junior college areas will appear in this exhibition, and the professional division will be more detailed: the international E1 hall will continue to have a CTP special area; The increasingly popular marketing mode of direct mail will also be intensively and deeply displayed in the direct mail zone set up by the international E1 Pavilion; International E6 hall has a special area for labels and flexographic printing, focusing on the current top label flexographic equipment manufacturers; The domestic Pavilion E4 has an ink zone; In addition, this exhibition will also add a special area for printing automation process to jointly discuss how to better meet the requirements of multi variety, small batch, short cycle, high quality and low cost under the current technical conditions

the majority of exhibitors enthusiastically participated in the exhibition

since the preparations for the exhibition were fully launched, the sales momentum of all print exhibition has been strong, which further proves that all Print Exhibition China International has become a brand exhibition recognized by the printing industry at home and abroad. Among them, the domestic pavilions E3, E4 and E5 were sold out at the end of 2007. Beiren group, beiren shares, Shanghai printing and chartering machine group, Lianqiang group, Sino German group, Liaoning Guanhua, Henan Xinji, Huaguang Seiko, Shengli Weiye, Xinmin Taiyang, Shenzhen Jingda and other domestic representative manufacturers in the field of prepress, printing, Postpress and consumables all participated in large-scale exhibitions. DHC, Toyo ink and many other ink manufacturers also appeared in the ink zone with a neat lineup. At present, exhibitors are still actively registering for the exhibition, and there are still many registered exhibitors who have not arranged booths due to insufficient space. The organizer will actively coordinate to meet the exhibition needs as soon as possible

the exhibition situation of the International Pavilion is very good: the German exhibition area, the Korean exhibition group, the Italian exhibition group, and the Taiwan exhibition group all collectively appear in the International Pavilion; Heidelberg and other famous German manufacturers will participate in various forms. Komori, Mitsubishi, Akiyama, leyoubi/Jiahe Dingxin, Baochi, Jiayoufu and others will confirm their participation; Kodak, big Nippon screen, Canon, HP, Fuji Xerox and other prepress representatives actively participated in the exhibition and determined the booth location. As international chemical giants like Martini, Siemens and Bo, Johnson Matthey Yess was not inferior to world Rexroth, Schaeffler, MBO and other well-known manufacturers also actively participated in the exhibition

strong and extensive publicity and promotion

the publicity and promotion of China International all print exhibition has been praised by exhibitors and visitors in the previous two sessions. On the basis of previous successful experience, the organizers have promoted all print exhibition in more new forms. Almost all well-known media in the printing and packaging industry actively publicize and report the all print exhibition. At the same time, many overseas peer media such as Germany, the United States, Russia, Italy, etc. publicize, report and promote the all print exhibition in various forms. At the same time, the organizer also actively participated in the world-renowned industry exhibitions held in China, Japan, Russia, Germany, the United States and other places, actively promoted and promoted the 2008 all print exhibition, and showed the brilliant achievements of all print exhibition and the surprise that the 2008 all print exhibition will bring to the industry to the vast number of exhibitors and visitors, which has been recognized and praised by the industry. It is believed that with the support of these professional media and the active promotion of the organizers, the all print exhibition will be promoted in an updated form, making the 2008 China International all print exhibition once again a grand event in the international printing industry

2008 all print exhibition is about to make a big debut

China International all print exhibition has been successfully held twice. With its professional exhibition content, strong international influence and excellent quality, service and scale, it has received the attention and support of manufacturers in the printing and equipment industry at home and abroad, and has attracted enthusiastic organizations and visits from printing enterprises and industry groups all over the world, After holding the second all India exhibition, it was certified by the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI), and has become one of the most influential exhibitions in China

the organizer will take the expectations of the majority of exhibitors and people in the industry, uphold the consistent exhibition concept, promote the display and exchange of the latest technologies and products, and build a platform for direct communication between exhibitors and visitors. It is believed that 2008 China International all print exhibition will be able to create an unprecedented event with a strong momentum and gather printing power

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