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Analysis and prediction of the future development opportunities of the plastic packaging industry

at the 2012 packaging Expo, dordan manu facturing showed the first thermoformed algae plastic sample launched by algix. A year later, when the new packaging Expo was coming, dordan and aglix announced the progress of the project

Chandler Slavin, marketing manager of dordan, said that in essence, algae take PLA or PP as the base resin, acting as the increaser of these polymers, and effectively reduce the amount of resin in the same application

this technology can fundamentally change the aquaculture waste treatment industry, and provide a new type of biomaterial for the plastic industry and its supply chain. She said

dordan and algix can be used in all kinds of metal materials, shackles, locks, safety belts, etc., and the quality of the experimental machine is also very good. The cooperation on tensile performance experiment began in 2011. The two companies jointly launched the first algae based plastic, which was displayed at the 2012 Chicago packaging Expo. The sample contains 20% algae and 80% PP

since then, algix has been committed to the cultivation, drying, grinding and processing of algae for a long time, and the Dutch student Boyan slat invented a system that can use ocean currents to automatically clear the obstacles encountered in the process of solving the ocean, aiming to improve the economic sustainability of this technology for commercial production

one of the major problems of the first generation algae plastic is that its color and smell are very similar to algae

based on this, Ryan hunt, technical director of algix, has begun to study the method of removing odor, and is also conducting a series of experiments on color

the first generation of algae plastic smells like seawater. Algix has been developing a technology to remove the odor. He said that at this year's packaging Expo, we will show the second generation products. Great progress has been made in removing odor, but there is much room for improvement

at the 2013 packaging Expo, the two companies will display algix's colored algae plastic thermoformed samples

slavin said that the diversity of colors has improved the market value of algae plastic. Unlike the first generation products, the new products are like plastic in both appearance and smell

the successful research and development of algae plastics is of great significance to the sustainable development of the plastic industry. For algix, algae plastic has the conditions for commercial production compared with traditional engineering plastics, but for dordan's customers, there are still some obstacles in choosing algae plastic to manufacture new packaging, because if a new material wants to enter the market, it must first establish economies of scale and achieve a balance between supply and demand in order to penetrate the market in the fierce competition

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