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A week's domestic LDPE market analysis and prediction

the domestic high-pressure polyethylene market price is still in an unstable decline, of which the film material market price fell by about 200 yuan/ton within the week, the actual warehouse price increase in the CNPC region has generally fallen to yuan/ton, the general market quotation of other film materials is yuan/ton, and the quotation of some low-cost varieties is 6100 yuan/ton

at present, the market is still mainly oversupplied and the downstream takeover is not strong, and the market sentiment is still unable to gather. In view of the continuous lower prices quoted by domestic production enterprises, users become very cautious in taking goods. At the same time, the war in Iraq still affects the crude oil and downstream chemical market, and the continuous decline of external prices is also increasing the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market. The United States has announced the end of the large-scale war in Iraq, the international crude oil and naphtha prices are still consolidating, and the ethylene raw material prices are still falling. In addition, the prevalence of SARS has also cast a shadow on the global economy, and the demand for plastic raw materials and intermediate products will be greater than or lower than the low point in the same period in history. The prices of major polyethylene producers in Asia will be slightly lower than the current prices in May. At present, the CIF import price has been basically the same as that in the domestic market There is a needle valve on the side of the working oil cylinder of the rubber universal testing machine. If its position is adjusted improperly, the pressure of the testing machine cannot rise to high tonnage. At this time, the position of the nut and screw should be adjusted repeatedly to make the oil valve seal the oil circuit, so that the oil leaked from the oil cylinder and piston does not return to the oil tank along the oil return pipe. Unscrew the screw in the mixed long fiber products, and the air in the U-shaped leather ring can also be eliminated. The price is flat, However, due to the sluggish demand and the expected decline in prices, the number of domestic traders receiving goods is not large

the price of linear high-pressure polyethylene market generally rose at the beginning of the week, with an increase of about 200 yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of Yangzi, Qilu and Zhongyuan ethylene was reported to yuan/ton, and the quotation of imported goods was 6300 yuan/ton. The sales situation was improved compared with the previous period. But near the weekend, when other varieties have not stopped falling, and it is difficult to continue to attack after the off-season, the peak sales situation in the market fell again. Since Thursday, the market quotation in Linyi, Shandong has fallen back to yuan/ton, and the production enterprises reported that the sales situation is relatively depressed. In the field of personal care products, although the linear price in East China is still maintained at yuan/ton, it is estimated that there will also be a downward trend. There are also many special-shaped plastic bottles to be used in mechanical equipment. On the whole, affected by the war between the United States and Iraq and the "SARS", China's plastic products exports are blocked and domestic demand is relatively weak, which makes it difficult for effective demand to increase significantly in a short time. In this case, the "May Day" holiday is coming, and domestic manufacturers may have to reduce inventory before the end of the month, Ensure that the production and sales rate of products in April reaches 100% and ensure that the back road of production is unblocked during the festival. Therefore, it is not ruled out that enterprises will increase product promotion. The overall downward trend of the market will not change before the end of April, and the future market is still difficult to be optimistic

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