Things you don't know about new house decoration

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There are some small details in the decoration, which may not be noticed if they are not informed before the commencement, but when it is completed, it will definitely make perfectionists beat their chests and feet. Then why does the decoration Construction Party keep silent and deliberately let the owner jump into the pit? It's because the problem can be solved, but it costs more money. In order to make the quotation look less stupid, the construction party often ignores it selectively. 1. The chest cannot be flat, and the wall must be flat. There are many problems caused by uneven wall surfaces, such as the skirting line can not fully fit the wall, hiding dust and dust; It will also cause the top foot line to be not straight, so it is necessary for the worker master to level the uneven parts of the wall with plaster after removing the putty, and then apply the putty. Experienced masters can see the uneven places on the wall at a glance. If they can't see it with the naked eye, they will also take a guiding rule to lean against it, so that the error can be controlled within a very small range. At this time, you may ask, why do I scrape off the original wall and then apply putty and paint again, but the workers don't level the wall? In fact, if there is a slight local unevenness, the construction personnel will directly use putty to deal with it. However, if the uneven wall surface is caused by the original structure, it cannot be repaired with putty alone, and a large amount of plaster is needed to fill it. At this time, I'm afraid you'll have to pay another sum of money for the carelessness of the construction workers. 2. Sexual orientation can be bent, but the Yin and Yang corners can't be bent. There are so many Yin and Yang corners in today's family pattern. If the Yin and Yang corners are not straight, it will directly reduce the beauty, and make obsessive-compulsive patients feel uncomfortable every day, and even affect the relationship between husband and wife! Therefore, if you are unlucky to get caught, you need to straighten the internal and external corners. The construction party will generally snap a straight line on the internal and external corners, repair them with plaster, and then straighten them with putty. Among them, the internal and external corners are straightened according to the finished length and size. Therefore, if the construction workers are not careful again (the construction workers who are not serious should be immersed in the pig cage!), I'm afraid you'll have to pay again. 3. Self leveling solves the height difference of the ground. Everyone wants to pave wooden floors in their homes when economic conditions permit, but wooden floors have high requirements for the ground floor, and the height difference should be controlled within 4mm. Therefore, many floors with large height differences need to be leveled in advance when paving the floor., The most professional home decoration website. The difference between high and low often requires professionals to use professional tools to conduct additional detection of the ground height difference. Generally speaking, the construction party will give us a reasonable suggestion according to the detection results, so that we can choose whether to level or not according to our own situation. The ground leveling is mainly self leveling. The construction party will first clean the original ground and use self leveling cement for leveling after painting the ground. In this way, the dream of stepping on the floor has come true. 4. It doesn't seem very good to be exposed. We'd better wrap up the water pipes. When our new house enters the bathroom, our obsessive-compulsive disorder tends to get rid of the ugly water pipes, but at this time, we sadly find that the decoration has been completed and the ceiling has been installed! Therefore, if it is necessary to wrap the riser, we should explain to the construction party in advance, otherwise, it is inevitable to dismantle the newly installed ceiling, and we have to bear the cost of the second construction. 5. Beloved furniture needs intimate protection. If some appliances in the house, such as beloved sofas and doors, need special protection during the secondary decoration of the house, explain the situation to the construction party, and the construction party will do special protection for the furniture





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