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In 2015, the company maintained a stable state, and in this state, it continued to move forward rapidly. At the same time, in terms of rich product structure, poetry school also continued to create new products to meet and stimulate market demand

interview guest: Fan Lin, marketing director of Foshan Shipai home furnishing Co., Ltd.

Mr. Fan: these words can be used to express the year 2015 of the poetry school: "perfection, stability, development and innovation" - because these words can directly reflect the situation of the wardrobe of the poetry school this year. Poetic wardrobe is more perfect in production equipment, using the latest software and machine collocation to make the products more perfect and perfect. This year, it was relatively depressed for all industries, affecting the development of most companies in this industry, but it was an opportunity for poetic wardrobe. Our products were relatively perfect and our competitiveness in the market was relatively strong, so the company maintained a stable state in 2015, and continued to develop rapidly under this state. At the same time, in terms of rich product structure, We also constantly create new products to meet and stimulate the needs of the market, because only continuous innovation can keep pace with the times

Chinese wardrobe: can you summarize the development of poetic home dealers in 2015? What is the sales volume of new franchisees and old dealers of poetic home in 2015, and what is their biggest response? Can you give some examples

general manager fan: the development of distributors of poetic wardrobe in 2015 is quite good, and more dealers from all over the world have joined poetic. The biggest response of all new and old franchisees is that under the condition of such great market competitiveness, the product competitiveness of poetic wardrobe itself is great, and the sales situation of each store can almost achieve the expected effect

take our boss Xiao of Jiayuguan store in Gansu Province for example. He didn't expect much from our poetic wardrobe at first. After many times of understanding of poetic products and factory inspections, plus comprehensive consideration of the local market, he finally chose poetic. When poetic wardrobe really entered the Jiayuguan market, our products have proved that his choice is right. Within half a month of trial operation, 55 orders were received. When dozens of wardrobe brands compete in the same market, this feedback is particularly satisfactory to boss Xiao, and it also increases his trust in our poetic wardrobe products

in fact, if you choose a suitable brand, you will be half successful. The poetic wardrobe will bring you unlimited development space

China wardrobe: not long ago, the general office of the State Council issued an opinion on supporting o2o. It can be seen that the combination of online and offline is a trend. Then, what do you think of the Internet operation modes such as online mall, 3D software design, 020 business model? Which one do you think has the most potential to expand the market

President fan: in this era of the development of large networks, every industry needs new sales models. The combination of online and offline can absorb more consumer groups and promote the development of the industry, which is also the direction of every enterprise

all software is to promote sales, so the development of 3D software is a link that every customized wardrobe enterprise pays more attention to, which can bring practical feedback effect to enterprises and stores, and can bring very intuitive visual experience to consumers

as for which one has more potential, I think each one has the potential of market development, because it has not reached the extreme

China wardrobe: in 2015, many executives of wardrobe enterprises chose to resign in 2015. What do you think? Nowadays, the contradiction of the lack of professional talents in the industry is becoming more and more prominent. What policies or plans does the poetry school have in terms of talent training

Mr. Fan: because the competition in each industry is quite fierce, coupled with the lack of talents in the customization industry, it is normal for executives to resign. Enterprises are seeking higher aspirations while seeking personal development. In addition to their own products and enterprise management, the most important thing for the development of each company is talent

poetry school pays a lot in talent training. For the recruitment of fresh graduates of relevant majors in Colleges and universities, poetry school will do a good job in talent training and talent reserve. Poetry school wardrobe has always been based on the idea that as long as you are willing to be a poetry school, you will get opportunities and platforms to cultivate talents; On the other hand, it is to absorb more professionals with industry experience for common development. In terms of improving the welfare of the company's employees, the poetry school is set up based on the business philosophy of "people-oriented, quality and development"

China wardrobe: the two child policy will be implemented in 2016. How do you think this will affect the real estate and home furnishing market? Will poetic furniture therefore focus on the construction and layout of children's furniture

President fan: the national policy of opening up two children will stimulate real estate. The development of real estate will drive the development of the whole building materials market, and the customized home market will also be affected. From the original family of three to a family of four, the living and activity space has become a problem that every family must consider. In limited conditions, customized home products can meet such needs, At this time, the demand and market for customized home furnishings will also be greater

the poetic wardrobe has long begun to design the products supporting the children's room, because the children's supporting products are originally a part of our customized furniture. Now the implementation of the policy makes us increase the R & D and design of children's series products

China's wardrobe: in 2015, China's customized wardrobe industry was known as a 100 billion market, which is a common saying. What do you think is the future development trend of customized wardrobe? Where will the blue ocean market be? In 2016, in which areas will poetic home make efforts

Mr. Fan: I think the development trend of customized wardrobe is still very good. First of all, there is such a large market, because now many places have not really popularized this customized wardrobe, and many counties and cities have a vague concept of customized wardrobe, which is the state of the market today

the blue ocean market is the place where we have not popularized or the consumer concept has not changed. This is what we often call the third tier and fourth tier cities and towns, as well as the network field. In 2016, the poetry school, on the one hand, attracted investment and implemented one-on-one support to open stores, mainly for people who want to start a business, and increased support; The second is the innovation and research and development of its own products; Third, we will strengthen the management of stores and strengthen our market competitiveness




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