Moreden curtain will meet you in Japan in 2020

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For people who like to travel, molden curtains are a place to realize their dreams. Every year, excellent molden people will be organized to go abroad, broaden their horizons, appreciate exotic customs, stay away from the noise of the city, experience life and enjoy life

reading thousands of books, traveling thousands of miles,

traveling around the world,

is it not a special experience

for people who like to travel, molden is a place to realize their dreams.

every year, excellent molden people will be organized to go abroad,

broaden their horizons, appreciate exotic customs,

stay away from the noise of the city, experience life and enjoy life

In 17 years, we went to Sanya. In 18 years, we visited Thailand

in the past 18 years, we went to beautiful Thailand together with the elite sales team in moreden. Experienced the local culture, tasted the local food and enjoyed the local beauty

in 19 years, we visited Xinma

go to different places every year, enjoy different landscapes and feel different cultures

in 2020, we met in Japan

Japan combines Oriental tradition and humanized modern technology in a unique posture. The billowing crowds in Ginza and Shibuya in Tokyo are outside Akihabara's electrical secondary world

on the other side of Japan are cherry blossoms, hot springs and shrines at the foot of Mount Fuji, the traditional culture in every corner of ordinary communities and attentive Japanese cuisine

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the highest peak in Japan and the symbol of the Japanese nation. It is known as the "holy mountain" by the Japanese people Mount Fuji is located in the south central part of Honshu, 80 kilometers east of Tokyo, with an area of 90.76 square kilometers and an altitude of 3776 meters. The peaks are towering into the clouds and the peaks are covered with snow The mountain is conical, like a fan hanging upside down in the air

Japanese poets once wrote " The jade fan hangs upside down on donghaitian "e& quot; Fuji white snow reflects the rising sun " Wait for the poem to praise it Since recorded in Japan, Mount Fuji has erupted 18 times, the last time in 1707, and since then it has become a dormant volcano

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is the tallest tower in Japan. It is located in the city of Tokyo and was built in 1958 It is built in imitation of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. It is 333 meters high and the highest point in Tokyo The body of the tower is a pyramid, with two colors of yellow and white, which are dazzling There are aquariums, restaurants, shops, cafes and other facilities in the tower, and there are two 150 meter and 250 meter high? Gazebo Standing here, you can have a panoramic view of Tokyo

Asakusa temple

sensorjitemple located in the Taitung District of Tokyo, Asakusa temple is an existing "Edo style" public playground in Japan. Asakusa temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo. The gate of the temple is called "leimen", officially known as "wind and thunder god gate", which is the symbol of Japanese doorway and Asakusa

Osaka Castle is located in Osaka Castle Park in the Central District of Osaka City, Japan (formerly part of Toshiko Prefecture of sojin). It is one of the scenic spots in Osaka. It is one of the three famous cities in Japanese history, together with Nagoya City and Kumamoto City. It is also known as "Jincheng" or "Jincheng". It was built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi and is the home of Toyotomi

Luyuan temple

KINKAKU Ji is a temple of the Xiangguo Temple sect of linjizong, located in the Northern District of Kyoto, Japan. Among them, the three storey Pavilion building (the hall of relics), which is covered with gold foil inside and outside, is also called the Golden Pavilion, and the whole temple, including the hall of relics, is also called the Golden Pavilion Temple (きんかくじ). The temple is the pagoda temple outside the mountain of Xiangguo Temple. At the same time, it is also an important historical building designated as a national treasure by the Japanese government and as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 1994


Okinawa usually refers to Okinawa Prefecture, which is the southernmost administrative region of Japan and can be said to be the "south of the border" of Japan. Many Japanese choose this place as one of the first choice for summer vacation. They come here to engage in diving, surfing and other water activities. Therefore, it is also known as "Hawaii, Japan". For historical reasons, Okinawa is "the most unlike Japan". In addition to the architectural style of the Ryukyu Dynasty, you can also see Chinese towns, American resorts, and even Southeast Asian costumes here. The blend of cultures is reflected in scenic spots, food, and even the appearance and habits of local people, which has created the unique charm of Okinawa and Japan, which are "different in the same"

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is the main part of Tokyo Disneyland Resort, known as "the first amusement park in Asia", and is also one of the most successful Disneyland in operation at present. Enter the amusement park from the main building "Cinderella city" and start a selfless luxury fairy tale journey! In addition to various entertainment facilities full of fairyland like fantasy, the performances and costumes of classic cartoon characters are also quite wonderful. The park also regularly holds annual activities, especially the special activities during Christmas and new year, which are particularly attractive. Tourists of different ages can have fun here

eat! Eat! Eat

sashimi (sashimi)

Kobe beef

Kobe beef is probably the most expensive beef in the world. Its instant taste is unforgettable


tempura is not the name of a specific dish, but the general name of fried food. In Japanese dishes, the dishes fried with batter are collectively referred to as tempura. There are dishes that can be served at meals and banquets

Gong Shao

in the face of such beautiful scenery, attractive food, do you have any heart? Join the molden family, take you out of the country and experience the strong exotic customs. Let's meet in Japan in 2020

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